Banquet hall for a bachelorette party

Banquet hall for a bachelorette party

If You haven't made a decision, where to order a Banquet hall for a bachelorette party, come to our company! What could be more exciting and better women's bachelorette party? Cool quest, crazy game, a lot “Pruszcz” alcohol and, obviously, strip show! Here the Customer expect: tremendous discounts, merry quests, a bliss, drinks, the best cooking, the best strippers in Kazan and the huge stock!

| When buying champagne – hookah your gift! And that's not all! Daily until 17 the evening will be a discount on all the food, 15% for the whole menu to birthday, 10 interest on the hire of our restaurant, mon-Fri 30% alcohol.

The most current songs and Past songs in karaoke, low prices on the menu, any hookahs! Having come to us, You will enjoy stunning male dance every Thursday. Cool idea “Selfish” make women's day a truly memorable. Trust our experience, these guys know, how to force the girl to whine from pleasure!


Bar Ostrovsky – perfect place for, to celebrate the bachelorette party, bachelor party, coolest party on a limitless number of people. We provide a unique show program, tasty menu and the best male strippers in Kazan. And as additional argument – hookah, karaoke and crazy discounts. Come, it will be fun!



Discount 30% Discount 30%
Get creative with baby airlines work with 12:00 and to 02:00 on weekdays, to 04:00 Friday and Saturday (Show program every Friday and Saturday!)
💼 Бизнес-ланч с 12:00 to 17:00 / Discount on main menu 30% to 17:00
🔥 Понедельник, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday discount on alcohol -30%
💨 Кальян на адалии 350 RUB, the dark side 700 RUB
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📷 Instagram:
📍 ул. Ostrovsky, 67 (Parking behind the hotel Bilyar 50 RUB/hour or 100 RUB/day)
📶 Интернет 120 MB/s
☎ I book a table: +7 937 770 67 67